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"Hi, I had a massage yesterday and I would just like to say that it was fantastic. Really helped me to relax and feel much better in myself. I have taken a couple of your brochures and have recommended your services to my coffee group and antenatal classes." - Catherine Te Whare
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A Time of Joy and Challenges

The birth of your baby will bring joy, exhilaration and profound changes and challenges to your life. As you make your transition into motherhood not only do you have to adapt to your non-pregnant state, but also to changes within your family, not to mention caring for your dependent baby 24/7.

Caring for Mum and Baby

It is vitally important, therefore, to ensure that you receive care and nurturing to support you through this time. Receiving specialist post-natal massage is a wonderful way to heal and ease the discomforts in your body following your pregnancy & birth, improve energy levels and to provide nurturing support to you and your family.

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New Bloom Post-Natal Ritual



New Bloom Post Natal Belly Wrap

New Bloom Post Natal Massage


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Five Benefits for You and Your Baby...


Restores your body

Following your pregnancy and birth your body has undergone many changes and you may even feel that it is unfamiliar to you.  Post natal massage treatments will help you to re-adjust and return to your non-pregnant state. It will re-establish the integrity of the pelvic structure as well as facilitate healing. Specialist abdominal techniques will also help to tone and flatten the abdominal muscles and skin.


Eases aches and pains

Including post-pregnancy back pain, joint stiffness and 'feeding shoulders'.


Caesarean recovery

Promotes recovery from C-section births including healing of the incision, abdominal muscles healing and scar tissue reduction.


Supports you through emotional adjustments

Promotes compassionate, nurturing support throughout emotional, physiological and family adjustments.  


Nurtures and relaxes you

Gives you the chance to deeply relax in between your baby care activities. Relaxed mama = relaxed baby! Gives you time to yourself to be cared for, boosting energy levels and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Home Visits Now Available  -  60 mins - $175   75 mins - $195   90 mins - $225 
Book 2 appointments for yourself + partner or a friend and save $25!

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Let us care for you as you care for your baby!
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About Us

Bella Mama® is New Zealand's leading specialist in pregnancy massage, caring for women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Unlike many other clinics and spas, our fully qualified therapists have extensive training and expertise in this area. At Bella Mama we feel passionate about the benefits of positive nurturing touch. We also feel that during a woman's journey over this time she deserves to be nurtured, supported and celebrated. We feel privileged to care for our mamas throughout this special and unique time of change and discovery.  

We also support our clients with a range of specialist products, acupuncture, naturopathy and nutrition, as well as providing advice and tuition on the many benefits of massage, yoga and infant massage. More >>


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