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Preparing for the Birth - by Mary Rodwell
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Preparing for the Birth - by Mary Rodwell

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Prepare for a natural and easy birth. Create confidence and positive conditions for the birth of your child.
A natural mother trusts that her body has an 'instinctive knowing' of how to give birth normally and easily.  Your trust in this natural birthing process can be greatly assisted by positive affirmations to your conscious and subconscious mind.  This will help create positive and healthy conditions for the birth of your child.

Research has shown, throughout pregnancy the baby is closely 'in tune' with the mother's thoughts, feelings and emotions - the baby literally 'feels' what you feel, reacting to sounds as well as your thought and feelings.  As a mother you can actively create a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere as you connect with your unborn child. You can encourage this special communication 'naturally' with healthy loving messages, helping your baby reach its full potential for the future by becoming a healthy and balanced child.

Prepare for a natural and easy birth.  Create confidence and positive conditions for the birth of your child. Harmonize Mind Body and Spirit, for both you and your baby. This CD contains a unique combination of music, subliminal frequencies, visualisation and hypno suggestions in assisting you in the way you communicate with your 'inner self' and your baby.  They help affirm trust in the birth process and create the conditions for a relaxed and natural transition into motherhood.

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