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TENS Machine Hire  ($60.00 + $125.00 deposit) PLEASE ENQUIRE ON 094457591
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TENS Machine Hire ($60.00 + $125.00 deposit) PLEASE ENQUIRE ON 094457591

NZ $185.00
incl GST
Drug free pain relief for labour

TENS Machine Hire at Bella Mama - for drug free pain relief during labour

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a professionally researched, tried and tested method of pain management in childbirth and chronic pain used in European hospitals and clinics since the 1960's.

A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine can help reduce your pain during labour and childbirth.
All machines are hired with new pads and batteries.

The TENS machine comes with full instructions and can be used both at home and in hospital.

Why choose Tens?

· Drug free pain control.
· No harm to baby.
· Instant and long lasting results.
· No side effects or drowsiness.

What is Maternity Tens & how does it work?

· Releases natural pain killers (endorphins and encephalins).
· Blocks out pain messages to the brain.
· Provides a sense of control over labour pain gives an alternative focus.

What other Bella Mamas say .... (taken from comments on our Facebook page)

I recommend to others, not only does it help with pain, I also found it a distraction during contractions - pushing the boost button and concentrating on the sensation from the machine, rather than the pain -  Lynley H.

I found the TENS machine really helpful, especially during the early stages of labour.... Loved the boost button! Highly recommended.  Rebecca H.

I used the tens machine throughout my labour. It was great!!!! I would definitely recommend it and yes I agree Rebecca, loved the boost button each time a contraction came!  Alison H

I used to have some that I loaned to clients and they made a real difference in rates of drugs used for pain. Brilliant idea! - Anna M (midwife)

  • 1.The TENS machine should only be used in accordance with the instructions provided, including the use of alkaline batteries only.
  • 2.The success of a TENS machine in labour is not guaranteed by Bella Mama Ltd.
  • 3.The TENS machine must not be used by anyone fitted with a cardiac pacemaker, who has a heart disease or suffers from epilepsy. If you have any concerns whatsoever consult your medical advisor prior to use.
  • 4.The TENS machine cannot be used in water. If the user wishes to enter a bath, birthing pool or shower, the TENS pads should be removed.
  • 5.    The TENS machine must not be used until the pregnancy has reached full term (37 weeks onwards).
  • 6.    If the machine is not returned for any reason the $100.00 deposit will be retained and the customer will be liable for the full cost of the replacement machine at a further charge of $120.00  If the machine is returned incomplete or damaged, the customer will be charged accordingly for the missing item/s or repair.
  • 7.    Non-use of the hired TENS machine is entirely at the discretion of the customer and no refund will apply.
  • 8.    The customer should check the contents of the hire pack upon receipt and familiarize themselves with the TENS machine and the instructions.
  • 9.    If you want more help most hospitals are happy to show you how to use the TENS machine prior to your due date. Give your nearest hospital a call to find out more details.
NB. We require a deposit of $125 for the hire of the machine.  The deposit can be redeemed for a blissful 75 min Post-Natal Massage (valued at $165) or can be refunded in full.  We do not have a set time for hire, but recommend from 37/38 weeks with return as soon as possible after the birth.

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