Acupuncture & Lactation Support now available at Bella Mama

We are delighted to welcome qualified acupuncturist and lactation consultant – Janet Tong to the Bella Mama Team. Janet explains “Acupuncture naturally activates our body’s self-healing abilities, safely and effectively to treat the wide range of diseases and health conditions. Even for infertility and breastfeeding issues, we can see many positive outcomes from acupuncture treatments. It can help to strengthen and harmonize our body, mind and soul to prevent future illness and disease. In particular, the World Health Organization and many recent scientific research studies support its effectiveness in our whole body. It has been used throughout the world, as one of the most effective alternative therapies used to improve health.”

Janet’s practice integrates scientific, research-based knowledge and Eastern holistic philosophies. Her specialist areas are:

  • Lactation
  • Helping mothers to improve all sorts of breastfeeding and infant sleeping difficulties.
  • Combining acupuncture to improve lactation and postnatal recovery
  • Home visits available
  • Acupuncture
  • Improving all sorts of women’s health problems
  • Increasing a couple’s fertility opportunity including  IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) treatments
  • Assisting pregnancy and childbirth and postnatal recovery
  • Relieving stress and emotional disorders
  • Strengthening your immunity
  • ACC provider for facilitating physical injuries healing and relieving muscular pain
  • Combining moxibustion, cupping and tuina (Chinese Massage Therapy) and other effective techniques in treatments

Janet has a multi-health professionals background. Initially, she was a registered nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) having many years of hospital and community working experience in women’s health and infants’ feedings. Her practices do not only focus on addressing people’s physical symptoms and breastfeeding problems, but also holistically helping them to sort out their internal imbalances Her passion is to empower people towards a harmonious balance of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.

Since following this passion, Janet has pursued her career of becoming a qualified acupuncturist at AUT. Her trainings were both in New Zealand and China. As a member of NZASA and LCANZ, Janet complies with the most update knowledge and safety guidelines issued by the above health professional bodies.  Sterilised disposable painless acupuncture needles are used. Her lactation consultation and acupuncture treatment approaches are unique to tailor for your specific health condition.

Contact Janet Tong: 021-1326981 or email: janetacuplact@gmail.com

Client Testimony

  When I was 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect known as Ebstein’s Anamoly. After the birth, my little girl was immediately taken to NICU where she would remain in the hospital for nearly a month. I didn’t get the opportunity to have skin to skin contact, to hold my baby after the birth, to breast feed, and I couldn’t hear her voice as she had breathing tubes down her throat which prevented us from hearing her at all. I was able to finally hold her skin to skin when she was 3 weeks old. This was all too much and very traumatic just after giving birth. I also was very worried about my 15 month old boy at the time, who was quite stressed out as I suddenly wasn’t home! I started to express the next following day and of course my milk supply was very low compared to when I had my little boy in 2009. The midwife started me on medication to help me with my milk production, however, without the stimulation with breastfeeding I felt there just wasn’t enough milk for my wee little girl. As my little girl was bottle fed with EBM and on the breast only when she successfully latched on. I was introduced to Janet, as I needed help with breastfeeding my little girl and of course my milk production.

The first session, she started the acupuncture and immediately after one treatment, my breasts were engorged and I was amazed at how much milk I was starting to produce! I felt more balanced and learned to relax and of course with the milk coming in I felt more at ease.

I highly recommend any mother who is having difficulty with their milk supply to try acupuncture. It’s natural, you’re not taking any medications, and it’s worth a try. Your baby is worth it and I am ever so grateful for Janet’s help and expertise! Janet is a very dedicated and our family is ever so grateful for all the wonderful work she has done. I am now fully breast feeding and my little girl is thriving Thank you so much Janet! Junko Kawai 2011

I did aim to give up breastfeeding when my baby turned 3 months but found that my milk supply was increasing.  Why give it up?
When my baby turned 4 months old I planned to give up breastfeeding again, but mysteriously my baby had high fever for 5 days.  My baby did not want to drink formula at all.  Therefore, I tried breastfeeding him more frequently and he only wanted breast milk and no formula.  I was grateful that I didn’t give up breastfeeding.  Being able to breastfeed to now is such a great achievement that I will treasure for life.  Thanks Janet for your encouragement and support at the beginning.  I think I would have given up breastfeeding before my baby turned 1 month if it were not for your time to listen to my worries and truly helping me. Jenny Wong 2011

Thank you for your support with your professional assistance. Breastfeeding has become an awarding so far, I wouldn’t go this far without your teaching. Thank you for your sharing your life with me and you become my friend. Please be in touch. I wish you enjoy your life with your family and moving forward to a great future.  Shin Yee 2012

I had mastitis when I had my baby and breastfeeding him. As a result, the supply wasn’t enough and the baby just got upset and unsettled. Lucky I has gotten Janet came to my home to help me. She gave me professional advice on the breastfeeding, asked me try different ways to feed the baby, encouraged me to keep on breastfeeding. Everything got back and finally went back to normal after her visit. Thank you Janet for helping us on this. It is just so good to have someone professional to give advice when you are getting confused. Thanks Again. ”  Jessie Deng 2014

Thank you for your advice on breastfeeding throughout my stay at the hospital. Your advice and hands on approach made all the difference to my confidence to breastfeed. I now have a very happy and well feed Baby Harry. ” NH 2015

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I am interested in trying acupuncture for breastfeeding. I have a low milk supply and have been told this may help.

Many thanks


Hi Laura,

We are so sorry for replying late. we did not check our website comments. Sorry, we don’t have acupuncturist at the moment. We are not sure if acupuncture will work or not in low milk supply but it is definitely worth trying. Please take care of your diet, don’t take stress, and try Milkmade tea from Earth Mama. It can help. Take care 🙂

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