Green Leafies Make Me Bounce!

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Green Leafies Make Me Bounce!

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Green Leafies Make Me Bounce by Jenny Bates. Teach your kids about healthy foods in a fun, interactive way!

The first children’s book by our very own talented Bella Mama massage therapist, naturopath and nutritionist, Jenny Bates.  ‘Green Leafies Make Me Bounce’ is a colourful, interactive, rhyming book for pre-schoolers and children in the first years of school.  It teaches them about healthy foods in a fun way so they associate them with play and learning.

Jenny has always loved art and drawing and actually illustrated this book as well as writing it! She has read it to many kindergartens and schools to much enjoyment and learning from the children.  It also contains the nutritional benefits with each rhyme so the adults learn something too! She has also incorporated the Maori words for different foods adding an extra dimension to this book with Maori language.


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