Pregnancy Crackers – Activated Charcoal & Salt Flakes

Pregnancy Crackers – Activated Charcoal & Salt Flakes

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Franjo’s ‘crackers for your cravings’ have been designed by their very own naturopath and nutritionist. All ingredients were specifically chosen with pregnant mums and their little ones in mind.

17 crackers per tin

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Nausea or not, with cravings or without, their crackers will help to not only nourish you and your growing baby but give you the answer to that ever burning question “WHAT CAN I EAT!?”

We understand that most pregnant mums have very little tolerance to prep food let alone nutritious stuff! We want to make life easier for you. Each ingredient in our crackers have been carefully selected and each play an important role in not only helping pregnant mums meet their own nutritional needs but also their baby’s. In a nourishing, nutrient dense and gluten free base we have included a high grade, tasteless, quality activated charcoal. This very safe and effective superfood has been used for years to help relieve many unpleasant digestive symptoms. It has loads of extra health benefits as well. A bonus for pregnant mums for sure! We matched the activated charcoal with the glorious Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakestm . One of the best salts on earth. Even in small doses it provides loads of essential minerals for pregnant mums who are often needing a top up. Our ‘crackers for your cravings’ ticks the boxes not only nutritionally and functionally but also taste bud wise. What pregnant mum doesn’t love a salty cracker?

We understand that most pregnant mums find it difficult to find something that satisfies them. We want to make life easier for you and to help you on your way to feeling great during your pregnancy. Even if you are not pregnant and are now a happy mum with a bub in your arms or actually neither of these and you are looking for a healthy cracker that can aid detoxification and gut health then this cracker is for you.

How many should you eat?

Eat our crackers first thing on their own as you roll out of bed, top them with a simple spread, some protein and salad for lunch or dip in to your soup for dinner. You will love these extremely satisfying crackers. We recommend you eat 2 per day to help keep you and your belly satisfied.

Pregnant or not, your digestive system will also love you nibbling away at these crackers.

A gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free nourishing snack!

  • We have nailed this cracker and ticked the boxes of dairy, wheat, gluten, and sugar free including fructose!. We are pretty excited. What more could you ask for in a satisfying snack? It is also completely vegan friendly as we do not use eggs either.
  • Enhanced energy due to the abundance of very important B group vitamins, magnesium and iron found in sunflower seeds, buckwheat flour and brown rice flour.
  • Improved appetite control and a reduction in sugar cravings due to the sunflower seeds and buckwheat flour as they are both rich sources of protein and good fats in the sunflower seeds. Protein and fat are so important for appetite control and will assist in keeping you fuller for longer. Just think…weight loss and weight maintenance may be much easier!
  • Many mums tell us that eating crackers and quality snacks regularly can assist in reducing their morning sickness. So with this cracker we hope that some of your unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy and morning sickness such as bloating, gas pains, nausea and vomiting may be lessenedsomewhat.
  • Better bowel habits… you will soon get very use to talking about poo J No princesses here! Our crackers are full of ingredients beneficial for bowel health – activated charcoal and the fibre and good fats from the seeds will all help promote good poo that is easy to move!
  • Our Belly Bump Crackers do not contain nuts making them an ideal for those with nut allergies.**17 Crackers Per Tin**Produced on equipment that makes gluten, nut & dairy products


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