Jamie de Seymour

PhD Biomedical Science, BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, BSc Psychology

Jamie de Seymour is a qualified nutritionist, specialising in maternal nutrition. Jamie has worked with clients in a range of nutrition specialties including sports nutrition, weight-loss and weight management, child and adolescent nutrition, fertility, and pregnancy nutrition. She has developed a passion for providing nutrition services to improve the outcomes of women wanting to become pregnant, and working towards achieving a successful, healthy pregnancy. Jamie’s passion for studying and delivering nutrition advice for pregnant women was unlocked when she was introduced to the concept that what a mother eats during pregnancy (and even pre-pregnancy) can affect the long-term health of both mother AND her infant after birth. Thus, pregnancy is an obvious opportunity for dietary intervention and prevention strategies to optimise the long-term health and well-being of future generations.

As well as providing nutrition services, Jamie is employed as a biomedical research fellow, investigating the relationship between maternal nutrition and the development of pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes (diabetes that is first recognised in pregnancy). She is also involved in studies using an analytical technique called metabolomics, which is the study of small molecules in the blood/hair/urine, such as fatty acids and amino acids, to search for potential early biomarkers of pregnancy disorders.

Jamie believes in providing evidence-based dietary advice to help her clients achieve a healthy, balanced diet and meet their personal goals, by tailoring advice suited to the client’s personal situation and preferences.


  • Personalised evidence-based nutrition
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Post-pregnancy nutrition
  • Fertility nutrition
  • Strategies for healthy weight-loss and management
  • Meal planning and suggestions


Initial, 60mins – $180

Initial – Couple, 1hr 45mins – $280

Follow-Up, 30mins – $80

Extended Follow-Up, 45mins – $120

Touching Base, 15mins – $55

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