Breast Pump

Breast Pump

$99.00 inc GST

Available for Hire too. $45.00 hire fee (for 15 days), $91.00 refundable deposit. $9.99 Breast Cover Kit

Dual Suction/Lactagogue Modes

Dual Mode conversions with suction/lactagogue function by one press button, 9 adjustable grades for diverse demands of suction to imitate infant’s sucking naturally.

Super design with Elegant Shape

Innovated shock absorptions, sound insulation structure for a quite application.

Safe Anti-backflow device

It’s designed to separate air/breastmilk individually, in an aim to prevent breastmilk from flowing back into main body device.


N.B: When hiring this breast pump you will need to purchase the KADEEN Breast Cover Kit (RRP: $9.99) which is yours to keep.

$45.00 hire fee (for 15 days), $91.00 refundable deposit. $9.99 Breast Cover Kit

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Product Description:

1. Massage/Lactagogue+Suction dual modes, imitating baby's natural suck.

2.  Nine phases are adjustable for convenience.

3.  Ergonomic design for easy operation and carry.

4.  FDA food graded PP & Silicone material, resistance to high temperature up to 120 ℃, BPA free

5.  3D petal massage cushion made by Silicone, fit for breast massage & lactagogue function.

6.  Standardized diameter milk bottles easy for other standard milk bottles replacement.

7.  Unique stability, damping rate less than 10% after 700 hours of continuous work, avoid losing efficacy common in other products after long term usage.

8. This is one of the best electric breasts pump to hire in NZ and it is very easy to use.

NB. We require a deposit of $91 for the hire of the machine.  The deposit can be redeemed for a blissful 60 min Post-Natal Massage (valued at $125) or can be refunded in full. 


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Tips for Breast Milk Feeding:

Q1: What shall I do if there is some milk inside my breasts and pump could not suck them out

A : In this case, please do not choose a greater suction level for suction, we recommend you choose massage mode to stimulate, and lactate your breast more times and then select suction mode to take the milk out.

Q2: If there is milk lump in breasts, what shall I do?

A: Firstly, please use a hot towel to cover your breast in 2-3 minutes before you use an electric breast pump to pump your breast milk, then you may use a cold/hot compress methods for 20-30 minutes. If it is still not working, repeat it again after 2-3 hours.