Breast Pump Hire

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Breast Pump Hire

$145.99 inc GST

$45.00 hire fee (for 15 days), $91.00 refundable deposit. $9.99 Breast Cover Kit

Dual Suction/Lactagogue Modes

Dual Mode conversions with suction/lactagogue function by one press button, 9 adjustable grades for diverse demands of suction to imitate infant’s sucking naturally.

Super design with Elegant Shape

Innovated shock absorptions, sound insulation structure for a quite application.

Safe Anti-backflow device

It’s designed to separate air/breastmilk individually, in an aim to prevent breastmilk from flowing back into main body device.


N.B: When hiring this breast pump you will need to purchase the KADEEN Breast Cover Kit (RRP: $9.99) which is yours to keep.

$45.00 hire fee (for 15 days), $91.00 refundable deposit. $9.99 Breast Cover Kit

Product Description:

1. Massage/Lactagogue+Suction dual modes, imitating baby's natural suck.

2.  Nine phases are adjustable for convenience.

3.  Ergonomic design for easy operation and carry.

4.  FDA food graded PP & Silicone material, resistance to high temperature up to 120 ℃, BPA free

5.  3D petal massage cushion made by Silicone, fit for breast massage & lactagogue function.

6.  Standardized diameter milk bottles easy for other standard milk bottles replacement.

7.  Unique stability, damping rate less than 10% after 700 hours of continuous work, avoid losing efficacy common in other products after long term usage.

NB. We require a deposit of $91 for the hire of the machine.  The deposit can be redeemed for a blissful 60 min Post-Natal Massage (valued at $125) or can be refunded in full. 


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Tips for Breast Milk Feeding:

Q1: What shall I do if there is some milk inside my breasts and pump could not suck them out

A : In this case, please do not choose a greater suction level for suction, we recommend you choose massage mode to stimulate, and lactate your breast more times and then select suction mode to take the milk out.

Q2: If there is milk lump in breasts, what shall I do?

A: Firstly, please use a hot towel to cover your breast in 2-3 minutes before you use an electric breast pump to pump your breast milk, then you may use a cold/hot compress methods for 20-30 minutes. If it is still not working, repeat it again after 2-3 hours.