Pregnancy Pillow Nz| Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow Nz| Maternity Pillow

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This gorgeous pregnancy pillow gently supports your growing belly and brings your spine and pelvis into a neutral position while side sleeping to stop that dragging feeling.
Bella Mama’s maternity pillow will not only support the weight of your baby it will also prevent you from rolling forwards and twisting your lumber spine therefore easing lower back pain.  You’ll be set for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

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Laying on your back from 22 weeks of pregnancy may restrict blood flow for yourself and your growing baby. This is because the weight of the belly compresses the main vein that runs up your spine. Since your blood volume and density is 40-50% higher during pregnancy, it’s important to lie on your side to keep you and your baby healthy. Your uterus has ligaments that attach to the base of your spine which can pull when lying on your side and unsupported.

The best pregnancy sleeping position for you and your is supported side-lying. For the ultimate comfort, our side sleeping pillows will give you exactly what you need.

At Bella Mama, our pregnant mama's comfort is our main priority.  Therefore we use the Denton's Pregnancy Pillow on our massage tables along with the Peace Pillow and Pregnancy Bolster.



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Comfortable Pillows For Prenatal And Post Natal Care, 3 in 1 Mother And Baby Sleep Wedge NZ

Product Description:

  •  The excitement and thrill that comes with being expectant cannot be put correctly
    into words. It is a period of joy and absolute bliss as you await a mini you to be delivered
    into the world and you to give it the best life ever.


  •  The most common problem that women are faced with during pregnancy is pain,
    more so back pain due to the pressure exerted on the spine. It is therefore important to
    have a remedy to this, and pregnancy pillows give the best solution for this.


  • Our products are made with love to ensure that your nights during the latter stages of
    your pregnancy are as peaceful as those of the early days. While you lay on your side,
    slipping one of our pillows below the baby bump or on your back ensures a sound sleep
    all through.


  • What our high-quality pregnancy pillows doe is that they enable you to relax your
    spine while you lay on your side. No matter how big or heavy the baby bump is, these
    pillows are going to help you put off the strain on your spine.


  • The pillows are also suitable for post-natal baby care. You can easily nurse your
    baby on your laps when you have this pillow with you. You will not feel any excess
    pressure exerted on your while you nurse the baby.


  • Bump-to-bub baby pillow is specifically suited for your baby. Carefully made with a 15-degree inclination wedge-like appearance which helps your baby to sleep even much better. You will not have any nuisance moments when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night.


  • Due to the 15 degree inclination, the pillows can guard against milk regurgitation
    and gastric refluxes (heartburns). Once fed, the baby can be laid down on one of this and
    it will be comfortable. An easy to remove outer cover allows you to maintain the pillow
    clean at all times.


  • For a peaceful pre-natal and post-natal experience, get one of these today. Scroll up
    to add to the cart.
  • This pregnancy wedge pillow is going to be very helpful in getting comfortable sleep at night. You can order it now. We will deliver this pregnancy pillow at your doorstep whether you live in Auckland or any other part of New Zealand