Dear Mummy – You’re Important Too

Dear Mummy – You’re Important Too

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Unlike other how-to parenting books, this book has mummies as it’s priority – at it’s heart. It understands you want to be the best mummy you can. It’s premise: that means being the best YOU you can be. This book offers musings, motivations and morsels to nourish a mummy’s soul.

This book is your bedside read to reach out to in those dark whispering hours, your kettle side go-to over a hurried (probably cold) cuppa, your wine glass companion at the end of a long day. It’s a friend in me, Tui, through my words on a page, and gentle guidance to allow you to put yourself first, to empower you to live YOUR life your way, to fulfil your potential – as an incredible mummy and an incredible woman.

“This book takes you on a journey within,” says author Tui Fleming, “past your pile of washing, beyond the Tonker trucks and teasets. As a mummy, you sometimes need to look a little harder to find yourself. It takes courage to put yourself first. But when you focus on what’s important to you, when you are true to yourself, you’ll gain clarity and a momentum in your life that feels grounding and energising.”  \\\\\\\"You won’t find prescriptive instructions in this book. Instead Dear Mummy focuses on a mother’s uniqueness and drawing that out, on “helping you to be uniquely, beautifully, proudly you,”

“A wonderfully affirming book for mums, who are, after all, doing the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world” – Judy Bailey, journalist, broadcaster and mother
Mummy – you are perfectly deserving, go ahead, buy it for yourself
Daddy – show her how very important she is.
Friends & family – uplift a mummy and help her glow


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