The Just Before Baby Pamper Package

The Just Before Baby Pamper Package

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Help her to celebrate her last few weeks of pregnancy with a pampering package designed to prepare her body for birth and motherhood.

The Just Before Baby Pamper Package will support and strengthen the pregnant mama giving time and space for her to deeply relax and connect with her  baby in those last exciting yet sometimes uncomfortable weeks approaching her due date. Suitable from 36 weeks onwards, the time spent relaxing during the Just Before Baby Pamper Package will encourage her body to produce more oxytocin and endorphins, hormones which will be valuable to her during the last few weeks of pregnancy and during birth. Massage will also lower her stress levels and ease pregnancy aches and pains, benefitting both mother and baby as well as giving some valuable ‘me’ time before becoming a mama.

Whether she is planning a natural birth or C-Section, studies have shown that the more relaxed, healthy and happy a mother is the better the outcomes for both her and her baby both during and after birth.

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The Just Before Baby Pamper Package consists of
A 75 min Birth Preparation Massage with birth preparation acupressure points

During this treatment, pure essential oils that are traditionally used in late pregnancy are blended and used in a deeply relaxing, restorative treatment designed to prepare her body for birth. Sore tired feet are pampered with a reflexology foot massage including acupressure points to help baby move into optimum position. NB: Please note that this treatment is suitable from 36 weeks and will not stimulate contractions or bring baby on early. :)

60 min Peaceful Mama Nap Time

After her massage she will be snuggled up in our private Peaceful Mama Nap Room where we will serve a Yummy Mummy herbal tea with Raspberry Leaf for birth preparation and a healthy snack. She may then lay back in the recliner, covered in a soft blanket and listen to our selection of birthing affirmations and guided meditations or just snooze with relaxing music.

*Massage after baby has so many benefits, helping to tone and strengthen a new mothers body as well as easing post labour and baby care aches. Read more about Post Natal Massage here.


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