New Bloom Postnatal Massage


New Bloom Postnatal Massage

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In most traditional cultures worldwide, new mothers receive regular massage treatments after the birth of their babies.  It is acknowledged that her body has just done something extraordinary having grown and birthed a new life which she is now focussed on caring for.  She is, in turn, needs to be giving a tender care in attention.
Our New Bloom specialist Post Natal Massage treatment is the ideal way for a new mum to be nurtured as she, in turn, cares for her baby. The soothing massage techniques and acupressure points will help to increase her vitality and ease her baby-care aches (including back pain and breastfeeding shoulders), while the abdominal massage helps to flatten and tone both the skin and muscle layers of her belly.
New Bloom Postnatal massage is the perfect way to ease her transition into motherhood, heal and ease her body and celebrate her incredible achievement!
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