Smiley Belt

$69.00 inc GST

Pregnancy support belt for relief for lower back pain and pelvic joint pain.
Smiley belt maternity supports have been worn by pregnant women with back and pelvic joint pain for nearly two decades.

Wearing a Smiley belt For Back Pain During Pregnancy will:
Support and relieve sacro-iliac (SI) and symphysis pubis (SPD) joint pain and maintain pelvic and trunk muscle tone
Reduce abdominal strain and associated low back pain when worn as a belly support
Improve posture and endurance and keep you on your feet during your pregnancy

Sizing: The belt sits underneath baby to help lift weight/pressure off of your pelvis and lower back so it needs to be fitted low across your back and hips and underneath your bump. As the belt sits underneath you won’t need a lot of room for growth but a little is a good idea especially if you’re early on in your pregnancy. If you need any help or further information to determine your size please let us know.

XS – 80 – 89cm
S – 90 – 95cm
SM – 96 – 102cm
M – 103 -108cm
ML – 109 – 115cm
L – 116 – 120cm
XL – 121 – 135cm


Comfortable, versatile and easy to wear day or night.

Recommended by midwives, physiotherapists, gynaecologists, osteopaths, chiropractors and thousands of pregnant women.

After your pregnancy wear your Smileybelt as an abdominal support to assist with lifting and carrying. Your over-stretched abdominal muscles will appreciate being held in a good position and this will facilitate them to return to their pre-pregnancy form.  Or, if you have any signs of backache after pregnancy, wear your Smileybelt as a pelvic joint support to help prevent injury to these susceptible joints when lifting, bending and twisting.


XS, S, SM, M, ML, L, XL


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