The Top 7 Benefits of Massage for Dads

The Top 7 Benefits of Massage for Dads

benefits of massage for dads

Massage therapy is something we often associate with women/mums, but there are countless benefits of massage for dads too. Parenting is a huge transition (and ongoing hard work) for dads as well as mums. A massage provides a relaxing, rejuvenating experience that will leave him feeling refreshed and re-energised as a parent.   

Dads play an important role in our lives. Our relationship with our dad is one of the first significant relationships we have (and the first with a male). This relationship helps set the tone for all others in our lives. Dads are the first male role models we have, they tuck us in to bed at night, play fun physical games with us, act as our teacher, mentor, supporter, sports coach, career adviser, and many more – all rolled in to one.

Great dads are worth their weight in gold. They often work hard in demanding careers outside the home as well as being dedicated to being the best dad they can be.  We sometimes forget that dads (just as much as mums) also require some TLC from time to time. 

A professional massage is the perfect treat for a dad to help him unwind and recharge the batteries, with the added bonus of boosting his overall health and wellbeing.       

benefits of massage for dads


Here are the top 7 benefits of massage for dads:

  1. Boosts mood/eases anxiety and depression
    Studies have shown that massage boosts mood and helps ease feelings of sadness and depression. By lowering the cortisol levels in the body, massage also calms the mind and reduces anxiety. Massage will make him feel great!

  2. Enhances immunity
    Help him fight off those colds and illnesses better with a stronger immune system. Studies have shown that regular massage boosts our natural immunity. Who doesn’t want that?
  3. Pain relief
    Massage has been used as pain relief for centuries. It can loosen muscles and address specific paint points. The dad in your life may have specific pains which can be eased, for example if he is in a job sitting at a computer most of the day, he may have stiff neck and shoulder muscles.  The therapist will ask him about the areas he would like to focus on before starting, and apply pressure he is comfortable with.  

  4. Relaxation
    Nothing is more relaxing than an hour (or more) of blissful massage. The soothing, rhythmical strokes of massage help the body unwind as tension is released.

  5. Helps with blood pressure
    Cardiovascular health can be an issue for many men, and regular massage can help towards lowering blood pressure.  Not only that, it helps reduce stress.
  6. Improves flexibility/range of motion
    Massage can improve range of motion and flexibility. It helps muscles recover faster and aids with injury recovery. Great news when you have little ones who need you to play tag with them, throw them in the air and run after them. Or if you’re a weekend warrior dad who complains about a sore back after that spot of exercise on the weekend!  

  7. Improves sleep
    Massage can send him into a deep, restorative state of relaxation which continues on throughout the night.  Regular massage in particular can help induce a more restful night’s sleep. 
dad relaxing getting a massage

Bella Mama’s massage therapists are all highly qualified, trained therapists who love treating dads as much as pregnant women and mums. We offer Bella Papa massages (general massage treatment for dads), couples massages for both mum and dad, or home visit massages.


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