A VBAC for Nikunja

Hi Jo

I had my second boy on the 8th of April. I’m pleased to tell you that I had the VBAC that I planned for. I went into labour the day before my family and I had planed to go to Waiheke. My brother in law was getting married on Friday in the Island. I had packed my bags at 10.00pm went to bed.  By 11.00pm the contractions started, and went on till 4.00pm. This was not established labour. I went into the birthing unit at 4.00am and had to come back at 9.00am. My husband was great with the massage on the lower back, helped a lot. At 4.00pm my midwife asked me try the castor oil with juice, which I did. Half an hour later the contractions were 5mins apart.

The Midwife came at 6:00pm and said that we had to rush to the birthing unit as quickly as possible. When I was in the car I felt the baby coming right down. I thought I was going to have the baby in the car. I remembered to breath at every contraction slowly, but at times I would scream. When I asked my husband about it later of what he thought he said ” it didn’t bother me because I knew it is just the women’s thing”. After I got there I went into the water and stayed there for about an hour. I had to have the gas. My midwife was rubbing my lower lower back which was soothing. Becase i didn’t want to have a water birth they got me out quickly. by this time I had the urge to push. At 8:40pm my baby was born (not named yet working on it).

Thank you Jo for your yoga classes and for your enthusiasm. They were inspiring, positive and fun. For me I feel that the yoga classes helped me to positive, as well as hearing about the other births. I have told my midwife about your classes and how it helped me with different postures and to bring baby in the right position. She will recommend them to her ladies.Thank you again and I wish all the best to the ladies with their pregnancy and birth.

Ys Nikunja

PS:   Baby now has a name – Jay Nitai  🙂

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