Kyleigh’s Story – a miracle birth!

Hello Jo, Sam and Sara,

Lovely to receive your email 🙂 My birth was FANTASTIC!! First of all I would like to thank all three of you, massage and yoga were wonderful through my pregnancy and all the information you shared really did help and play a part in my labour and birth- Thank you from the bottom of my heart- can’t wait for the next pregnancy!!

I had a massage on the Tuesday with Sam, then went out for dinner that night- my contractions started an hour apart then slowly became 1/2 hourly- was so excited! At 3.30am was having regular but not so painful contractions- by 5.30am they were full on and labour had started. my midwife came to visit me at home to see how I was going- only 2cm dilated- felt gutted- seemed to have been SO long already. Kept as mobile as possible, trying to get comfortable and kept breathing. (my bean bags were the best to lie all over etc) Had a shower/bath (ended up lying down in bath to get comfortable). Vomiting the whole time at home- wow that was an experience, trying to have contractions and be sick all at the same time- hence being a woman and multi-tasking!

Got to the hospital at 1.15pm, by this stage our birth plan (which we knew it’s just a guideline) went completely out of the window- my mum was with us for the entire labour and birth, I ended up using the birthing pool to labour- which I was so not interested in touching- ended up being a god send… Had an injection in the thigh to stop me being sick, had one puff gas- was sick all over again and felt unsafe so kept doing it myself with my breath… Occasionally needed the reminder to breathe and stop holding onto it.

For me the Hot shower, pool and having my back rubbed for hours worked really well- by 3.15pm I was in pain and I think more than anything I was so tired with the labour that I then had my next pain relief option- pethidine, which was awesome- gave me enough of a break in between contractions that I could breathe through and handle them with more energy. At 4.30pm my midwife asked if I wanted her to break my waters- oh yes! that relief in itself was great! then what happened next- our baby was on her way!

I used the birthing stool- the position was great to open the pelvis and birth comfortably (well as comfortable as it can be). 20 mins of pushing and out came our gorgeous baby girl- Georgia Isabel Britton- 6lb 15oz.

The pushing I think was my favourite part- the burning, stretching feeling isn’t the greatest but wow to be able to push her out and feel like you can do something with your breathe was well deserved at that stage. It was awesome- highly recommend it and looking forward to the next time.

I believe I was extremely blessed with our birth, a miracle birth really. I was expecting things to be a little more difficult considering my history and battle for years with Endometriosis and ovarian cysts and the countless amount of surgery I have had in the nether regions! I had no stitches and I was so glad to not need pain relief for 10 out of 12 hours of labour.

I can’t wait to see you all and thank you in person, looking forward to my baby and mum yoga in a few months and visiting Bella Mama for a belly wrap.

Hope you all are well, thank you again,

take care,

Kyleigh Thomas 🙂

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