Mayu’s Story – An elective C-Section.

Jo – I did have the elective C section and it was a really good experience. The team at National Women’s in Auckland were amazing. I was scheduled for a 2:30 theatre slot but got told that they were able to take me an hour an half earlier. I had never stayed at a hospital so I was really apprehensive about the operation. I was prepped by a midwife, nurse and two anesthetists who had a great sense of humor and made me feel really comfortable in a situation that I was a bit worried about. My husband Scott, stayed with me the whole time holding my hand and taking loads of photos!!! My obstetrician arrived – Dereck Souter from Origins and I felt totally at ease as I really trusted him to do what was right for me and the baby. The next thing I was in theatre, receiving a spinal block epidural. The nurses were amazing, one of them held my hand when the local and epidural went in. The mood in theatre was really light hearted making me feel really relaxed. Dereck and the hospital team just worked together and the next thing I knew I heard a cry and our gorgeous Alex was born. The pediatrician Peter Knobbs checked over him, the midwife did her thing and he was next to me and Scott a few minutes later. Dereck finished the stitching up and I was taken to a recovery area where I was monitored for a lot of things! The midwife got Alex straight away on to skin to skin with me and also helped latch him on. As soon as they were satisfied with my recovery progress I was taken back to my room in the hospital where all the grandparents were waiting for me.

I was really scared of being alone with no feeling in my legs that first night at hospital with a new baby. I was amazed by the support given by the nurse/midwife team in the ward at the hospital. At the ring of a bell I always had someone come and help me with whatever I needed. Each day I had Derek pop in to see me and check on progress, and Peter popping in to check on Alex. Scott came in between 8am and 8pm to support me. The staff at the hospital also supported us throughout the day and night. They helped me with getting breast feeding underway. There is a lactation consultant in the team who comes and helps you if you ask for some assistance. I had colostrum only for the first few days and my milk slowly came through on days 5 and 6. After day 2 Alex had a slight temperature potentially from dehydration as he wasn’t getting enough milk from me, so I topped up with a small amount of formula for the first few days until my milk came through properly and from day 7 onwards he has been only on breast milk. I ended up being in hospital from Tuesday to Saturday when I was discharged by Dereck.

We have been settling in at home, I used some pain relief for the first two weeks after operation and now I feel fine. I have one final check up with Dereck in four weeks time, in the meantime a post natal midwife associated with Origins comes round to see Alex and myself. I really hope this write up helps someone else who may have to have an elective c section for whatever reason.


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