Seven Essentials for your Bella Birth Bag

At Bella Mama we are always on the look-out for beneficial products to support our mamas throughout their child birth year. Following feedback from our clients we have compiled a list of the most helpful products to ensure that new mamas are comfortable during pregnancy as well as during and after labour. Check out our list, either for yourself or a friend.  We’d love to read your feedback and suggestions of anything else we should add.

To buy (or hire) these products visit our website or our  shop at The Bella Mama Pregnancy Spa & Wellness Centre,  165 Lake Road, Belmont, Auckland.  To enquire about any of these products feel free to call our friendly receptionists Jayne or Teri on 094457591.

Preparing for Birth – Guided Meditation CD

Prepare for a natural and easy birth.  Create confidence and positive conditions for the birth of your child. This guided meditation CD contains a unique combination of music, subliminal frequencies, visualisation and hypno suggestions to assist you in the way you communicate with your ‘inner self’ and your baby. They help affirm trust in the birth process and create the conditions for a relaxed and natural transition into motherhood.

tens machineTENS Machine Hire  – natural, drug free pain relief for labour.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a professionally researched, tried and tested method of pain management in childbirth popular in European hospitals since the 1960s.

Click here for more info and to read comments from other Bella Mamas who have used the TENS machine during their labours.

Breast Soothers

Breastfeeding should be enjoyable for mother and baby but sometimes blocked milk ducts, mastitis, or engorgement cause pain. Thank goodness for these Breast Soothers!  Place them in the fridge or freezer for cooling therapy to reduce swelling and soreness in sensitive breasts.  Or place the soothers in hot water to treat mastitis.

Perineum Strip Care

The Perineum Care Strip has been designed by a Bella Mama to give instant pain relief from childbirth soreness and stitching. The gel pad is placed in the freezer for two hours and then applied to the affected area. It is non-invasive, drug free and shaped to fit the contours of a woman’s body. It comes with disposable gauze sleeves.

Best Perineum Care Strip - Bella Mama

Abdomen Hem It In Post Natal Belly Binders and C-Section Recovery Kits

The Bella Mama  Pregnancy and C-Section Support Belt is The No 1. choice for Post Natal Support after both a vaginal or C-Section birth. These bands can also provide support while pregnant and after abdominal surgery. The binders are soft and supportive, made from 100% Cotton materials. We recommend using an Abdomend Abdominal Support belt straight after delivery to help to reintegrate abdominal muscles, support the lower back and ease post surgical discomfort.

Click Here For More info

New Mums First Days Kit

If you’re looking for a gift for your loved one or for yourself this kit is a must for the birth bag! It cleverly combines some of the above into one pack that you can grab at a moment’s notice.

1 x Breast Pad (with fridge storage polybag)
1 x Perineum Strip (with freezer storage polybag)
5 x Perineum Strip Sleeves
1 x Belly Band
1 x Travel Bidet

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